September 21, 2018

Daily & Weekly Market Analysis

This service consists of the publications of both informational and analytical reports related to financial markets on a daily and weekly basis. Reports include an assessment of the most relevant market drivers and their impact on price action, as well as a multi-disciplinary analysis of a wide range of asset classes, i.e., Forex (EUR/USD, GBP/USD), CDF Indices such the USD Index, S&P500, Nasdaq Composite, Dow Jones 30, DAX, FTSE100, and NIKKEI 225; as well as key commodities CDFs such as Gold, Crude Oil  WTI, and Silver. Under special market conditions, reports will also include robust charting, and entry setups with underlying key price levels such as validation/invalidation, risk, and extension areas.


  • Included in the Premium Membership
  • Neutral assessment of market conditions
  • Solid inter-disciplinary financial markets analysis
  • Multiple asset-classes coverage
  • Entry setups with relevant underlying price levels
  • Weekly forecasts included